Sunday, November 14, 2010

Endo Cysts be gone! (my experience in getting rid)

Prior to moving to BC, in 1994, I had suffered from cysts on my ovaries. I was living in London, Ontario at the time and one night my pain was so bad, I was rushed to the hospital. I was told it was my appendix and they strongly suggested removing it that night!? That just seemed improbable for some reason. You know when you know? Well, luckily, the pain subsided and I managed to convince them I was fine and go home. Shortly after, I moved out to the beautiful coast of BC to live in Whistler. 
The first month I was there, I had the cysts again, however it wasn't as painful, but I still checked in with the clinic for an ultrasound and that was where I was told about the cysts on my ovaries. I was told it was common for those from Ontario & Quebec?! They didn't have any nutritional advice for me unfortunately at the time either (it was 1994), but they did tell me the option to slow down the cysts was to either A/ Have a baby (Uh no), B/ go on the pill (Uh no) or C/ stop having sex altogether (fill in the blank here). I didn't do a thing to tell you the truth. I was 24 at the time and thought maybe if I reduce my stress that may help AND instinctively cut down on eating junk food. Here is the thing. That was the very last time I had pain from cysts on my ovaries and didn't have any the summer of 2007, when I moved BACK to Ontario. Yup!
When we moved to Ontario, our knowledge of the ocean went from what seems like the basics today, to WHOA! We were blown away when we would visit spa after spa after spa meeting with the owner and staff only to find out how many women are dealing with the effects of endo cysts as well as a myriad of auto immune diseases, including thyroidism. The fact that my thyroid was under active for the better part of my 20's and into my 30's as well as my sister and mother diagnosed with thyroid ism, was the driving factor behind all of this for me.  

The ocean contains 97% of the earth source of bio-available iodine; which our bodies require for optimal health.The ironic part is, Canada has some of the most abundant and healthiest sources of seaweeds in the world today but you would have an easier time finding Canadian seaweeds abroad than finding a Canadian seaweed in Canada to eat. There are enough harvesters but no demand in Canada unfortunately...and the only seaweeds we find Canadians eating is the DULSE, which is considered the weed of seaweeds in terms of the broad spectrum of nutrients you get from the browns, that are so abundant on either coasts.
I remember when I was young, my mother, who is from Trinidad, saying she had never heard of arthritis until she moved to Canada. Trinidad as we know, is a small island that surrounded by the ocean with mineral rich tropical fruits that contain trace amounts of iodine that they eat everyday. In Canada, like Japan, we were blessed with seaweeds. That is how it works. Indigenous foods are meant for the people that live there. Don't you think it odd the earth set itself up for the residents to have to travel from country to country to get their vital nutrients because they cannot find it in their own? Think about it - think. Okay - lots of thinking keep learning...Ever since I discovered the massive and somewhat hidden history and science behind iodine; I have incorporated Lugol's Solution (potassium iodide/elemental iodine in an aqueous solution), seaweeds, sea salts and Isagenix into my body; especially now living in Ontario. Lugol's Solution has been around since 1829 and used by the medical community up until the 1950's prior to today's 'modern medicine'. I specifically got into Isagenix; because it can be challenging to eat seaweeds everyday, and on occasion I forget to take my Lugol's, at least I know I am getting kelp from my shakes and iodine in a bio-available form. AND, since it is a whole food source with B vitamins, Selenium and C vitamins needed for re-absorption, I know I am getting it in. Today, I am so thankful for my health and no more pain or problems with cysts, thyroidism, fibrocystic breast disease and anything else I may have prevented. 
People always ask, why isn't the medical community aware of this and treating people with iodine? Good news! There is a group of Doctors in the U.S. known as the 'Iodine Doctors', made up of Dr David Brownstein, Dr Guy Abraham, Dr Fletchas and Dr Shevin. They formed this group just a few years ago, in order to bring awareness back to the medical community of a what was once known as the universal medicine 100 years ago and this group is growing. This is especially important in view of that fact that 94% of people in North America are iodine deficient today. It may seem like we are beating a dead horse here, but when you know what we know, it is hard to not share when people around you don't and are suffering because of it. Either way, I know with more awareness and onus on the end of the patient to the Doctor, will take it to the next good chapter and though it may seem its getting worse - I beg to differ. I see a great divide to those that seek their own answers like I did and if it means I may not have a tight relationship with friends or family for being persistent; if they are able to prevent or stop something they otherwise didn't want, than that is the most important and the type of friend I would want for myself.
Here are some sites to visit in your leisure. I recommend to visit Dr Brownstein's site and buy his book; Iodine Why you Need it and Why Cannot Live Without It - 4th edition and give a copy to your Doctor.
Seaweeds for consumption:
Course and Nutritional Information:

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