Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil considered the healthiest oil on earth?

I WISH I was brought up on this oil let me tell you. About 6 years ago, my brilliant sister shared some information about Extra Virgin (or Virgin to some) Coconut Oil being healthy for you? Of course, knowing she is rarely wrong and was previously my source for the hottest global health tonic discoveries; we checked it out. Luckily, my partner has an extensive science background and including Chemistry and was equally excited and if not, more excited about why it is so healthy than me; we haven't looked back.
VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) is a medium chain fatty acid (saturated fat) that doesn't break down when heated to high temperatures of up to 177 degrees Celsius. It is raw and extracted from the flesh of the coconut within a very short time of being cut open. What this means in terms of being healthier than most and if not all other cooking oils available today in Canada, is that it doesn't require the use of insulin, so it maintains sugar levels for diabetics and doesn't require much energy to break down/metabolize it, if any. In fact, when you take the suggested 3 tablespoons per day of it, VCO actually helps those that are overweight to lose weight because it helps regulate the metabolism. The reason why so many are obese is simply because their metabolic rate has slowed due to poor nutrition - not lack of exercise, that is just a short-term solution. If your body has slowed it's metabolic rate due to lack of good nutrition and you force it to exercise, that is probably 10 times worse than if you didn't. That might even put your thyroid gland into a hyper or hypo-state!
Virgin Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) also helps with normalizing the body's temperature, it lowers high blood pressure, regulates the heart, clears up clogged arteries, helps regulate the thyroid, boosts energy and the immune system as well as a myriad of other health benefits that will continuously show up as you incorporate it into your life. We LOVE it and share this information with everyone when we do our Thalassotherapy and Nutritional courses, as it helps to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle and especially for those that suffer from auto immune diseases. Because we teach about holistic therapies from the ocean, this talks about the immune system and getting healthy fats into the diet to synchronize and boost metabolism and immunity. 
Stay away from oils that have a 'smoking point'
Everyone seems to think that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the answer but, yet, you cannot heat up any imported olive oil to high temperatures and especially the commercial brands that are out there, not to mention the endless shelf life of VCO! Now you can find very expensive Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a low acid content that is healthier to eat and cook with, again not even close to the benefits of VCO. The hype with VCO will happen too, so when it becomes mainstream like olive oil did a few decades ago, you will notice many different 'brands' and ways of marketing healthy coconut oil. When we first moved to Ontario from BC, we thought we would have to travel to Toronto to get it, but our local Good Health Mart in Belleville, Ontario, kindly ordered us the 2 Gallon version and we use this. It takes us about 6 months to go through it at $125 and that is a bargain since we are talking antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and nutrients it offers! 
Just be smart about the part where it says UNREFINED or CERTIFIED ORGANIC or EXTRA VIRGIN or VIRGIN...these are key. You want these. If the bottle talks about the MCT's and the high Lauric value; great, but make sure it is the key points! Marketing is great in Canada and the U.S.; have you noticed? I love figuring it too! It's easy once you look at things in a certain way; well the body is the same way. It knows fake foods and it knows real foods and when it gets really good food; it shows. Your eyes are brighter, your mood is brighter, your skin is brighter and you are brighter...(see more on the brain benefits: http://www.youtube.com/watch Dr Mercola.
When you body gets bad oil or a bad form of oil, it becomes defiant, really. You may not realize because you are blaming the broccoli or the salad or the beans or something else the morning after, however the results of eating bad fats doesn't show up right away either. It takes a while for the body to figure out bad fats and so usually what happens initially is cravings for salty or sugary foods. Bad fats kinda bring your mood down, so you naturally crave something you 'think' would boost your mood. This is why good fats is also good. I think if more women in Canada over the age of 30 ate Extra Virgin Coconut Oil everyday, that we would have less sensitivities and moodiness and menopausal issues occurring; plus fitter mamas! Don't you think that would be great? Healthy fats are good because you are what you eat, but...you want what you need. And if you are not feeding it to your body, it's gonna get is somehow! We are basically made of salt, fat, water, etc. and if we don't feed our body the main components on good functioning, it robs your body of it somewhere. Either from your skin, causing psoriasis or eczema or from your arteries or joints! And if your body, that needs fat, isn't getting good fats, but fake fats, it starts to slow down and get real sick. Most don't realize when the body is dehydrated of fat, it really is thirsty for fat, not more water! Water is what our bodies need to help push toxins out, but the toxins are not leaving unless your body feels satiated and satisfied you are taking care of it...I know. 
The funny thing is, there are countries that have coconuts growing in their backyard and they don't use VCO for cooking or for eating, but only for the skin and hair. That is perfect, because it is great for skin and hair, but wouldn't you like to live like your ancestors did; healthy and fit and joyously enjoying FAT?! It was only in the 50's that a DR published a document that saturated fats were the main cause of heart disease so the non saturated fat companies went on a band wagon with the marketing against VCO and that is how we got to know 'canola oil' or 'safflower oil' and don't get me started on those!
In terms of VCO and cooking with it; it is perfect for the vegetarian diet and totally healthy for young children. It contains over 50% lauric acid; which is the most important essential fatty acid in building and maintaining the body's immunity. The only other source found in such high concentrations as in VCO is mother's milk.
So when you are looking for VCO, go to the health food store (not the typical commercial 'health stores') that carries a variety. We have noticed a few brands like 'Heartland' and 'Nutiva' here in Ontario that have gallon sizes. This is what you want to get since it is a WAY better price and since it doesn't have a shelf life; no rush! There are MANY brands in the larger metropolis', but if we can find it in our town of 4000 people in Ontario, you can where you are! And don't be shy to ASK for IT from your favourite grocer either. We have been pleasantly surprised to find it in Loblaws and some other chains that are throughout Canada. Also, there is a difference in VCO's for those that don't like the 'coconut taste'; you can look for the VCO without the aroma, however it has been twice pressed now and therefore is no longer a first pressing. You always want the first pressing; but at least you are getting the benefits of the MCT's. Now don't be shocked by the price and compare it to the commercial brands of oils you have been using in the past and including olive oils and safflower oils or sunflower oils; there is no comparison. It is not expensive. I always say (now I do anyhow), buying raw and organic doesn't cost, it pays! 
And when people see me for the first time in a long time after losing all of this weight, they ask how I did it and I love saying "I eat lots of fats and lots of salt"  it's not an accurate statement since both are unrefined and raw in nature, however I always like a stimulating conversation. Remember do your own research and don't hesitate to ask questions. All info  is based on proven science and happy to share more links and articles written by very important individuals in the health industry! Me? I have my own reasons:)

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