Monday, May 23, 2011

Women & Self-Care; Changing the Script of Prevention'

Since launching my 'little organic day spa' this past February, besides being thrilled with the notion I am doing something I love to do every day, it has also turned out to be an experience to show me how many women express a 'want' to take care of themselves, and struggle to. Myself included. There are many excuses that come up - and they sound so genuine and so not like an excuse, that we, as women, actually convince ourselves to be true and use to prevent ourselves from our own self-care. I am becoming familiar more and more with my own behaviour.
Now that we have the spa going, my 'script' is 'I don't want to do more laundry' OR 'it takes too long' OR 'it's too late now'...just so many things come out of my mouth or into my head when all I have to do is 'LET GO'. I know that all I would need to do is ask my partner, to do the laundry for me or help with the timing of my day so I can squeeze it in. And I am slowly getting back into my own world of self-care, simply by being aware of those around me as I hear them sound a lot like me. I notice many new mothers that have this 'script' and even worse they can actually drag the grandmothers into this script of prevention..."I have no time, I'm a new mother" OR "I will once we get into a routine" - and new mothers are the ones that require it more than anyone I would think.

I am grateful for those that have shown me what 'self-care' can do for my health and most importantly, my spirit. In the coming months and year, I know that in order for myself to move forward with a healthy and happy journey, that my attention to self-care will allow that to happen much faster and much easier. I can make it as easy as I want or as hard as I want...I choose easy.

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