Friday, March 20, 2015

The Four Agreements; Its Okay to Disagree

One of the 1st lessons I learned was 'never assume'. There are so few things I know of anyone - just what is in front of me - which makes me a naturally curious person. I like to ask questions... a lot of questions. And I don't like to assume - I feel ignorant and disconnected if I assume - good or bad. I used to assume when I was younger, which I think was learned. This is why I know not to look at someone's facebook page or social media presence or anything online and think I know a person. I cannot ever take anything personally that they post personally either - not unless they are specifically mentioning my name...but even then I know its part of their 'stuff' and their experience. I don't use facebook as a way to send out subliminal messages to others because I don't have the courage to say it myself. I don't cruise the pages and watch others without participating because I am afraid what others would think of what I post or say....that's because I just don't judge others I guess. No - I was a participator - bantering back and forth with like-minds and keeping it real. What I do know is that somewhere a long the way in my facebook life - I got a little sick. And I gained a lot of attention - that I did not ask for. However it served its purpose for the friends and family who were genuinely wanting to know and cared to know. What I went through I never wish on anyone. It wasn't just cancer - and it never is just cancer. Everyone is different and every type is different. Stage 4 is pretty up there and a 7 inch tumour is not tiny either. So ya - of course there would be many many problems for surgery and such. My body went through absolute torture and somehow I got through that torture. When its over at the hospital though - that is just the beginning for many. The future world is very very different and again if its one of those cancers where it affects many organs - it can be a long haul. A very private one at that involving lotsa.....privacy! But either way - its a long journey that can really weigh very heavy on you. Its hard to explain to many because I think many only know about and why should they - its rare and the chances for survival are also rare. I have no idea- I can't assume! I did a tonne of research for my condition and there was not a lot to go on - to this day haven't found anyone with a similar situation. Before I get off topic, YES, I am on facebook expressing iron will all the time ...that is who I am - if you know me - you see I am consistent. And I cannot tell you how many emails and messages I get from people telling me how much I have inspired or changed their life positively. And that is wonderful. I didn't have the intention quite honestly but was just simply expressing what I needed to in order to heal properly and be okay with everything. Its a VERY scary and lonely world most of the time people don't want to ask you about you. Or you don't get to see people as much maybe because they think cancer is contagious? Who knows. I do know I am working it all through in balance. I would never expect someone to only be happy 24/7 - that is NUTS and highly repressive I would say. I am good with my BALANCE in my life and have decided that perhaps FB is not the place to be anymore. As an expressive person working down and up my emotional scale - I believe I am ready for the next step...I do not know what that may be - it may be BLOGS or NOT? I have no idea. Expressive people do not keep quiet for long - that is for sure.

My health right now is my priority and I believe it has to be private now. I discovered that some people can only take so much of reality sometimes - which is probably why there is so much editing going on. I cannot edit my life to appease others. I can only function the way I like to function - as a creative thinker and 'be-er'. I like to express. I like authenticity and creativity. I can't do status quo or follow like a sheep. I will continue to attract the amazing, brilliant, generous, loving, honest people that we have been attracting all along. I realize if someone is not in my life - it is because we are on different spinning discs - never going to meet up.
I cannot be sunshine and flowers all the time - that's FAKE to me. We should all be accepting of our RAIN showers - aka tear drops. We all need to release the bad stuff and support one another. NOT assume or judge or take things personally. Funny thing - I see these 4 agreements being posted all the time by people on facebook who assume and take things personally. So you see - it doesn't matter the message - the individual perspective will always be the same - different/unique.

Why not all learn from each other and absorb each other's experience or knowledge. If you are going to do any ASSUMING. Assume we are all in this together. Assume we all just want one thing - and that is LOVE. Assume that when someone you love and know is reaching out and asking for help - they really really need it. Assume that if you are having a bad day - that possibly nobody else is or that someone else is. Either way - don't take any of it personally. Feel with your heart - don't think. Just feel with your heart and its okay to <3 each other and accept each other. Its also liberating being nice instead of judgemental. It feels good to reach out to people in need and be able to fulfill something for them. I <3 you and everyone I come across. I always will. And if you are having a bad day you will not see it that way. We all have them. So lets just be there for each instead of removed or leave the room on them. Nobody in the world is perfect. But if we changed the perspective and thought through our heart centre - everyone would seem perfect wouldn't they?

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