Tuesday, August 31, 2010

evolution of diet; day 3

Wild Walk Tour with David Wolfe; August 2010
When you start thinking about doing a blog, it can definitely mess with your thoughts...what do I, Ria, have to say that is interesting enough for others to want to visit and read and follow with every breath of their day, thinking Ria, this and Ria that - 'Ria is Awesome'. 'Ria is the light of my day' 'Yo Ria - she da best man' 'Ria, ria, bo bia...Ria!' Oh - sorry. So than I realized some things and I realized some more things; err, at least I did, and you discover everyone in fact should have a blog. Why? Because there are no 2 individuals out there in the world that think exactly alike so therefore there is going to be something from everyone and the more we share, the more we become aware. Plus, I feel far too motivated and satisfied these days that if there is one out there, that likes what I am saying and it changes their life for better; wow - talk about satisfying!

So the above picture is a picture with David Wolfe and I was invited by Grail Springs owner to do the tour up in Haliburton, this past weekend. It was at a cottage on the lake 10 mins north of Haliburton; beautiful location with about 100 or more raw foodies and David Wolfe fans sitting about and 'basking' in the most perfect day. I wasn't aware of David Wolfe a few months ago until Madeleine had shared and so I checked it out on You Tube to see "How come I know this name?" http://www.davidwolfe.com/ 
Raw food, Raw Chocolate and Environmental Technologist Extraordinaire. I wouldn't know how to describe him because there is so much to what he stands for and what he will stand for. Over 17 years on a RAW food diet, David has inspired many to live their life to its potential by informing others and passionately painting this amazing way to enjoy life. His motto is 'Live the Best Day Ever' and he simply believes every day is better than the next.
David did a great presentation on every subject about raw eating & nutrition, unhealthy and healthy foods, superfoods, etc. It was OUTSTANDING! Shortly after we went for a hike into the forest, where he shared incredible insights on mushrooms of North America; most intriguing, the Reishi and Wild Canadian Chaga mushrooms - highest ORAC/antioxidant value and many other incredible medicinal properties. In fact, there are over 29,000 species that have yet to be classified in the Appalachia alone! 
We loved our day and from this day, I found myself wanting to eat more raw and less cooked foods...simply because of all of the days info. I had always thought about making this next step in my world of health and so I guess here he was; giving me every reason in the world to! So today is Day 3 of eating 80% RAW and 20% COOKED food. So far so good; I obviously have the energy to type! Thanks for visiting and PLEASE learn about David Wolfe or just look him up - da bomb!

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