Monday, September 6, 2010

Eating to fill your void...

I didn't realize it at the time; was I bored? Plain and simply bored? - or just not doing what I like to be doing? Hmmmm? I thought I figured that was it and most people think that too - they think "OH they are unhappy with themselves" That is the question I guess. Youngest of 4 girls and highly charged and self educated on how to survive in that family; I went on a journey of finding myself and proving to myself how incredibly resourceful and happy I truly was. Isn't that what life is truly about - not who has the most and who has the most friends, but who is the happiest. Have you met people who are truly happy and you could care less about what they did for a living or where they lived and who they were, you just liked being around them? Even a perfect stranger? Does it make you think why? Good energy perhaps....and if like attracts like and you were also feeling good; chances are you would attract those that think and feel like you. It's funny because growing up, I didn't know about the law of attraction (wish I did!) and I always wanted to be around and do the most fun people and most positive people, but only when I was feeling good about myself. I remember going through a stage in my 20's and I couldn't seem to meet any friends - like ANY? That was choice I later discovered and more later I discovered about mind/body/balancing and how to make it easier on myself to feel good through eating better foods. I thought it was all about exercise - wrong! I think I went to the gym for 10-15 years - got some satisfaction absolutely! But I worked hard to get there and didn't realize you don't have to. Look at the East! Do you see fitness gyms and weight loss centers there? Do they watch their diet like NA's do? No, they don't. They also smoke A LoT! But do they suffer from all of the health problems that North Americans do? Why is it that North Americans think that auto immune diseases are world-wide? It's simply not true; perhaps those on a western diet of carbs, carbs, and more carbs and non-living foods. We totally are what we eat and the more we dumb ourselves with these empty calories, the more we are going to not get 'it'. A friend of mine who is suffering from hyper thyroidism (and extreme weightloss); her homeopath actually told her to stay away from iodine?! Can you imagine? A homeopath; someone educated into alternative medicine actually doesn't know that everyone in the world requires iodine - everyone! It was and still is the 1st recognized element that is needed by man - why is this missing from the teachings? In fact I don't remember learning this in Chemistry - does anyone? Well over 50 years ago - every DR in NA and the world was using iodine for everything under the sun. Now? Bupkiss - blows my mind! 
Fall 2010
Okay - so what does iodine have to do with being obese and unhappy and/or sick? A LOT! In fact, if we don't have iodine, which again our body requires, our bodies shut down and our metabolism halts - so does everything else in our body unfortunately; cells regenerate slower, brain functions slower (yes slower - think 'Homer'), hormones....SLOWER, reflexes...slower, etc. I think you get the point. Have you also noticed how many people are inflamed? Do you know what I am talking about? I will eventually explain that in my next couple of blog pages. I always try to give people something they can relate to and in Ontario I find the garden seems to be most understood. So take your garden...its alive right? When your plants are missing certain say...nutrients, they show it right? If a plant is missing IRON & ZINC take for instance, young leaves would turn yellowish with spots all over turning yellow than red or purple, eventually falling off...that is what happens in a plant. Now remember the plant will show you within a few days (or weeks) what it is missing because the cell system is not as big as ours is; that would show up in months or years. So when someone changes their diet either by eating more healthy or by eating less healthy, the body shows it within a few weeks (depending on who it is of course), but generally speaking, you would notice weight-loss or weight-gain - correct? Okay, do you think that is the only thing going on? Do you really  think it is all about the weight gain? That is just the early symptoms of what is happening - that is the wonderful thing about the body, the earth the atmosphere - its incredible at communicating - INCREDIBLE! The weight thing - whether more or less is just an indicator - yes, an indicator; for you to take ACTION. Same way every month woman in North America suffer from breast tenderness or painful ovaries, these are indicators of lack of iodine  - yes lack of iodine. We store it in our breasts and ovaries and our brain and just a little is needed by the thyroid. For men it is the prostate, brain and thyroid. So what happens when we don't have any or are low? A number of things happen - imagine the body not getting the element it needs to survive? Scary - good chances are you who is reading this, is lacking....or have none at all. You might not fully understand what I am saying and that is your indicator? What the woman's body does is to go look for it in our body and while it is looking - everything slows down - all production stops! So while it is looking for it and cannot find it, our body again, indicates that we are missing it with fibrocystic breast disease (tender breasts) and there are only a few DOCTORS in Canada that actually understand this? Only a few?! (there's a niche) Yet - here I am explaining it to you and it sounds so simple. And if not, you should read this book (a few times): 'Iodine; Why You Need It, Why You Cannot Live Without It', by Dr David Brownstein: and check your iodine levels because the first sign of lack is...lack of concentrating AND...cloudy brain...otherwise known as Cretinism. So much to say...but for now over and out - I have a raw dinner to make and eat - with my favourite additive - seaweed!

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