Friday, October 22, 2010

How deep is our skin?

I always say if you want to test your skincare for toxicity, dilute some of it into water and water your plants with it regularly. This is a test yes, but this analogy helps those to think about what they are putting on their skin AND if they are a good gardener what they are putting in their garden. Now the good gardener would definitely think twice about this - and even the ones that use chemicals in their garden would think twice about this however as it turns out the chemicals that are used for treating your lawns are actually found in some of our skincare here in Canada; special isn't it? The western diet has allowed North Americans to believe that if it's on the shelf or advertised or your friends do it, than it must be okay? The standards in North America in terms of ingredients that are allowed into our food and skincare is astronomically low and unfortunately turned Canada and the US into the top consumers for chemical cosmetics globally! In fact, we allow ingredients into our food and skincare that have been banned by the European Union for over a decade. Hence the BUZZ on 'DETOX' and 'Nutritional Cleansing'...we are definitely toxic! It is now said that the average North American should detox every season in order to get their bodies back to balance. Funny, if we just kept eating unprocessed and organic fruits and veggies and the medical world kept using IODINE regularly, we would be in tip top shape! Now, after living through the last couple of decades, even if we were to go back to our 'old traditional ways' of cooking, it would take up to 20 years for our bodies to cycle out the toxins; if you make it that far!
When we teach about nutritional cleansing and the importance of whole ingredients for your body and skin, I tend to use the 'garden' or the 'wild' as an example simply because our skin is not that thick and when you look at the earth, the soil is super super super deep; but yet when you throw chemicals directly into the soil, you notice how things die within weeks or days or hours? Ever wonder what it's doing for you?
Did you know the best way to take your vitamins is trans-dermally; through your skin? So that means that literally everything you put onto your skin is absorbed and yet, most don't think about this when they put on their 'white creamy' skincare and products and what that will do, not to mention that they are looking for the results the label tells them they are going to experience the next morning!? Wow.
So how about prevention or slowing aging and making the body healthier so the immune system is strong? I always say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and today everyone knows this to be true...not that everyone is practicing this, but still, day by day, there is more awareness and though it seems that the stats are against us, the dark ages of the cosmetic industry and food industry here in Canada and the U.S. are soon to be over. From contrast always comes beauty and good so set yourself apart and make the decision based on the fact you want to live a LONG and healthy life. Me? I'm going for 150!

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