Sunday, October 10, 2010

End of a 30 Day Cleanse...The Beginning of Something New

me at almost 230lbs
I was always intrigued with the thought of making some extra money on the side and quite honestly, who isn't? When I was living in Whistler over 10 years ago a few people at my work were into Amway. I remember astigmatism I had about multi-level marketing for some reason...still influenced by others I suppose and quite honestly couldn't get excited about the products. Ok, so a few years pass by and Rod and I were introduced to another 'mlm'. We knew the people who were already doing it and decided to try it out. By the time we got the products, we were not impressed with the ingredients whatsoever I have to say so this was an expensive lesson. There were only a few products also and were not so cutting edge; you could find better in a health food store and for the same price, so I really wasn't expecting to find anything that we would like for ourselves. About 5 years passed and a colleague of ours and her husband were on Isagenix and introduced us and we didn't think the products met the standards in terms of trace minerals, whole foods source, organic, super foods, nutritional standards, vegan, etc. so we kindly thanked them for the info they shared and since went on from there. Now both have a very similar high standard so we didn't totally close the door on this; we watched for a bit and did more research. After 2 years passing and watching their business grow and hearing about another trip they are taking and another vacation and so on, we came to a point in our life that we took another look at it. I have to say, we were more than pleasantly surprised to know the nutritional cleansing system products were much better than we imagined. We also learned about the formulations and how they work so well with the North American diet, sparing the 'ups and downs' with a little fat here and a little sugar there so when they go OFF the Isagenix cleanse, they don't put on the weight they just lost. You get addicted to feeling good - so why stop? It's meant to be a support system and in many ways than just the one.

me today...
We enrolled for the 30 day nutritional cleanse, and a little nervous I have to say; changing lifestyle habits and daily routines for a whole month while others know you and expect to see results:) And I did! I felt regularly energetic, no dips and such. We both lost about 10+ lbs each and look and feel great. I continue with the Isalean shakes and the fish oil supplements because they passed the test, plus the GREENS and other. We really like the benefits and the business model is outstanding in terms of being lucrative, easy and definitely motivating. We find with our education and understanding of the ingredients and the body's ability to adjust, digest and balance, helps us to help others when starting out. It's not about losing weight, it is about cleansing the body from the everyday toxins we are exposed to. Even if you eat all organic and raw, if you live in North America, you should do a nutritional cleanse every season; can you imagine if you are not eating organic and raw foods what kind of build up there is in your colon? Its for your health and if you have kids; share the good habits, it will help you and them excel! As far as the weight loss goes, at one point in my life I reached 230lbs and it wasn't that long ago, so if I can commit myself to myself and do the program, than anyone can. It`s delicious and so easy. Good nutrition has been shown time and time again to help the body heal and fight disease, it allows us to live long and healthy lives so that we can enjoy all of our years and die naturally like we are meant to; from old age, from length of life....not heart attacks and thyroid conditions or something caused by years of being on synthetic drugs. We love to share our experiences with you...stay tuned!

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