Sunday, March 6, 2011

advertising, done the old way

Opening up a new urban day spa retreat here in Picton, ON, was a new venture in several ways.
One was the realization that this town is not as small as you think when you go door to door, yet small enough that going door to door to introduce your new business is still an effective way of advertising. little organic day spa opened its doors the first week of February. It has been a dream of ours to open our own spa/treatment/learning center for years, since we started to work together and realized we shared so many similar philosophies. Coming to Picton from Vancouver, B.C., we weren't sure what to expect quite honestly. We followed our instincts when moving back. As we walked Main street of Picton, going door to door, handing out our flyer/spa menu, you could see it was a surprise to see the face attached to the business so soon. Yet, everyone was so welcoming and seemed pleased to have a personal invitation directly from the therapists. I thought it was important to make the connection with everyone. There are specific people, we know, that will be drawn to our location for treatment. Whether it's for a therapy to heal a chronic condition or just a place to truly relax and feel quiet inside or talk about science and the ocean and, of course, Canadian seaweeds.
We look forward to the growth and getting to know our clientele. For anyone from the PEC area, please visit our site to check it out:
If you cannot make it, but want to purchase some truly unique, Canadian, whole, organic skin & hair care online:

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