Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leave Me Alone

I am sure everyone remembers 9/11/2001. I remember it for a different reason. It was the last day I spoke to my mother when she was my mother. We all did in fact and if 9/11 didn't happen - it probably would have been a few weeks before I talked to her again and a less meaningful conversation.
My mother smoked for 40 years and drank coffee for 40 years and didn't eat healthy for 15 years before suffering from a burst brain aneurysm the day after 9/11. She had been diagnosed wrong a few times before the doctor finally discovered it was her thyroid that was the issue and started treating her with radioactive iodine. It was and still is very challenging to know she will remain in a special care facility in a wheel chair and in a different space in her head, sometimes not recognizing her kids/friends/family. Hard to write about it. I myself used to be very overweight, eating unhealthy. smoking and bitter also, for many reasons before I woke up one day and listened to my sister and read a book she gave me. It's not about the book, it was just time. I eventually discovered great ways to become healthy and wanted my parents to be healthy too. I would listen to my mother cough and see her weight go up and up and we all tried to assist our parents to gain more perspective about their health without relying on the meds they were prescribed and adopting a North American diet. My mother used to say all the time "Leave me alone!" She would get annoyed and one day I told her I didn't want her to die. It was hard. Especially since my Dad used to stick up for her and allowed her to smoke and shake and cough as they sat there night after night in front of the TV watching their shows like their neighbours. As daughters we all knew it was not good. Today, I have no choice but to leave them alone so I try to help others who are open and wanting to live life happily and healthfully. I feel as though I have the key to a good life and if I could help people for FREE I would - OM goodness I would!
Cheers to all of those that have a zest for good living and good energy. Listen to your friends and family if they have health advice that worked for them - they are doing it because they care. I know that is my muse. Life doesn't have to be in a pill and as long as you are relying on a glass of wine or beer at the end of the day to help you feel better, something is definitely wrong, BUT you are free to be whatever you are as long as you are happy. This is what life is truly about. Get your groove on and dance baby dance!

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