Friday, December 30, 2011

Set Yourself Up in 2012: Top 10 PREP Tips to Accomplish Anything

Aaaah yes, tis the inevitable time of year when we choose to make changes in our lives for the better. Some do, some don't and some do, but don't follow through. Either way, we have the good intention to make change for obvious better one's experience. So if you are looking back at any changes you wanted to make previously, maybe make a list of things that perhaps helped or hindered your progress. Sometimes it helps to just lay it out with 'What will help' and 'What will hinder'. Either way, set yourself up to win with a master plan to your approach

Top 10 Tips - What Will Help
1/  Meditate - Reconnect - Quiet your Mind >
Quiet the chatter in the brain to help you relax and reconnect with yourself. As little as 15 minutes a day is required. Meditation is in so many forms and may be easiest when you first wake up. Just choose a quiet area (use ear plugs if you have to) and concentrate on removing any thoughts/sounds in your head/mind. If challenging at first - start by softening the thoughts - eventually you will develop the habit of stopping all thought and you wake up looking forward to this time to yourself. It's quite liberating.
2/ Self-Care - Take Care of You >
Many adults get into a routine of caring for their partner, children/family, before they would consider taking care of themselves. Probably one of the most unfulfilling habit is living your life for someone else, if you don't take care of your own personal desires and needs and are PEACE with this, quite simply, it won't work. You cannot take care of anyone 'well' when you have left #1 behind. This could be anything from taking a healing bath every night to reading books you never get to read or building that 'dream board' you never get to do. Either way, do what you like to do at least once a day - so you can give back!
3/ Love Your 'Self' >
Practice daily affirmations for you. This may seem a little 'Stuart Smalley' to some, but it is probably the #1 issue in many relationships because when you are not practicing self-love, you seem to find the things you don't like about yourself through your partner or worse - your children! Whatever you do, do your work. There is no reason to spread self-hate when you simply have to turn your finger around to yourself and take responsibility for loving yourself. It will make it that much easier for those around to love you also.
4/ Be Consistent >
You know intention is everything but habits die hard - so make it your intention to keep consistency to reach your goal and have a contingency plan if you miss a day or two. This is where the self-love and meditation comes in most.
5/ Be Happy >
We all have this choice. There is not one thing that can make us happy but us. Not material, not people, not music, not even raw, healthy food living (tongue in cheek). We know what it feels like to feel happy and all we need to do is close our eyes and feel that positive vibration within us. The more you choose this emotion, the less you will think you need to feel happy. And through this positive vibration comes many many more happy situations and people. You will find eventually the negative stuff becomes less and less.
6/ Be You >
Who cares what others think?! At the end of the day, did you honour your own intentions? Did you fulfill your wants and needs? Were you your higher self for others? Because that is you. You are love and if you continue to care about what others think, you will lose your connection to yourself and start to blame or whatever you do. In other words, when you are in touch with you more often, you will feel happier, balanced.
7/ Live Now >
Living in the past is what's holding you back from moving forward. Learn from your past, but don't relish in it and by all means, enjoy each moment. Don't wait for the pictures or videos or FB comments to realize you already live a pretty happy, good life - so might as well enjoy it now.
8/ Learn NEW good habits and SHAKE bad habits >
Start with one new good habit and grow from there. Sometimes we don't realize where we learn our habits from and once you do, its absolutely liberating to understand that 'that' isn't you. So why do something you don't like that was someone else's to begin with. Give yourself 3 weeks to feel the positive change take place. Once you do one, the next will be easier. Keep it simple - don't overfill your plate.
9/ Spread the good stuff - fix the bad stuff on your own >
You ever have a bad day and nobody seems to be around to hear about it? Well chances are, they were having a good day and that is why you are in different 'zones'. We all have our days, so do yourself and everyone else a favour and take time to do the above steps until you can choose to feel good. Than tackle whatever problem there was, if there was to begin with.
10/ Be OPEN >
If you are putting things out there to the universe / 'God' or where ever you express you desires, you can't expect to do it all on your own. That's unless you like paddle the boat upstream as opposed to letting the paddles out of the water and trusting the flow to go your way. In other words, no longer try to control situations with your emotions or thoughts, instead just feel good and know that all the good stuff you like and want is coming, you just have to get out of the way and trust.

All of the above steps are just some things I learned in the past year and prior that really helped me to be happier and healthier in my mind and with my body. I continue with my self-care and making my happiness the priority by doing things I like to do. I appreciate my journey more and more everyday and the people and things that come into my life because of it. Enjoy your new thoughts in 2012.

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