Monday, September 27, 2010

Changing my tune...discovery of healthy thinking

Talk about age of awareness. Wow. No doubt this is a good time to be living with so much change taking place in so many areas; technology, education, ways of thinking, religious beliefs, social attitudes, entrepreneurship, spirituality, communication, etc. "I wish I knew than what I know now" type thing.
Personally I believe that many people have been aware for many years and those of us that are just beginning to open our eyes are now noticing the difference. We watched the biography of Werner Erhard last night.Do you know this name? In the early part of the 70's, he had introduced a program called est training all about the modern teachings of 'transformation' to the 'main stream crowd' and became an icon for 2 decades all across the United States. He had workshops that were 3 or 4 days long in various locations; charging $250 with upwards of 600,000 attendees at any given time. He positively influenced many important leaders of today including Harvard professors, U.S. Presidents and celebrities, all went to his workshops to learn his profound, yet simple way of looking at oneself and 'letting go' or 'starting new' as he would put it into his own words, because reality is not real; it's our own interpretation. Millions attended and hundreds of thousands of people sought and found personal relief and transformation. You would think we would know about this man and apparently those that may remember him would know about the controversy that surrounded his workshops/programs and virtually everything he did; this was media influenced unfortunately and led him to closing his doors and moving away permanently. Since than, Werner continued and continues today to teach around the world in places like Asia and Europe; teaching those how they can leave their past behind and live now. I do recommend those that haven't heard of this man and are into transforming oneself and/or practice connecting to our higher selves. He didn't have much personal education, he just seemed to be in-tune with how we all think and was able to reinterpret this back to whomever he was coaching at the time; its fascinating to see and learn about. A man with little or no formal education and hardly any spiritual guidance, influenced successful leaders of today just because he was inspired to do so. Wow. We all have this ability to inspire, achieve and be what and whomever we choose to be. I know many who inspire others every day simply by living the life they choose to live and being happy; no microphones, no stage, no tickets, no charge. You just have to choose the path and why not opt for happiness or happy thoughts - they are much easier to think, no? So simple.

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