Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jack Canfield; Stories Inspired By Nutritional Cleansing

Jack Canfield's Story on Nutritional Cleansing:
Jack Canfield of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'

"Every day more and more people are discovering the astounding power of nutritional cleansing.  Some are looking for weight loss, others for improved health and yet others for a common-sense solution to maintain long-term wellness.  Many will tell you that in nutritional cleansing they have found the missing link for achieving their health goals. 

In October of 2002, John Gray, the author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, told me he had discovered Isagenix®, an innovative company that had recently introduced its revolutionary nutritional cleansing systems to the world. He said Isagenix's nutritional cleansing systems have helped him and his clients better manage their weight, their moods, and their overall health. Needing to lose weight myself, I decided to check it out.

I had been struggling for seven years to lose 30 pounds, and no matter what I did - Jenny Craig, Slimfast, Body for Life, the Zone Diet, the Atkins diet, and Eat for Your Type combined with a lot of exercise - nothing seemed to work for more than a short while.  I just couldn't seem to maintain the diet or control my urge to eat.
Lean and Healthy team members Kim and Jen with Jack Canfield image
Aug. '08 with daughters Jen/Kim
When my Isagenix® products arrived, I started to use them immediately.  I was amazed at how easy it was to do and how quickly I started losing weight.  All my cravings for sugar, chocolate, carbohydrates and alcohol completely disappeared, and the weight came pouring off.  I lost 12 pounds in a relatively short amount of time, and continued on until I had lost 33 pounds*  My waist went from 43 inches to 37 inches* I had more energy and I felt great.
Within weeks all of my family, friends and staff were asking me what I was doing.  When I told them, they all wanted to try Isagenix®, too. Everyone saw immediate weight loss and health benefits ranging from better sleep, more energy, improved health and an elevated sense of overall well-being.
As we began to realize that everyone using Isagenix® was experiencing similar amazing results, we felt that this was a story that needed to be told to the world. And so we began to gather people's stories...

Personally, I have used Isagenix®   products every day since I learned about them last year. I have lost weight, improved the appearance of my skin, and feel healthier overall. In addition to the cleansing systems, I really like Ionix Supreme® , an incredible nutrition drink, and their skin care line. The products are natural, very affordable, and extremely effective."

It took Rod and I, two years from the time we were introduced to Isagenix to finally jump in and see what it's all about. We cannot say enough about the CLEANSING/HEALTH products and how they have literally transformed our lives in so many ways. The company is incredible, the people have such good energy and motivation - the fact you can help others and everyone benefits. It's a perfect model for success. You just have to be open and believe. We would love to coach you through a 30 day program and help others achieve too.

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